Smart thermostats are a new type of heating control which connect to the internet, allowing them to be accessed and adjusted remotely. They can give you much greater control over your heating, from wherever you are, at any time of day.  

There are a range of different smart heating controls currently on the market - each works slightly differently and has different features. Some features include:

  • remote access to turn your heating on and off, or control the temperature in your home, using a mobile app
  • memory to remember your routine energy use - this information can then be used to set heating preferences automatically
  • the ability to control the heating in different areas of your home, to avoid wasting energy by heating un-used rooms
  • information about how much energy your heating system is using. Some devices can store information so that you can see your energy use over time.

What are the benefits of smart heating controls?

  • They allow you greater control and give you the option to be more flexible with your heating settings. 
  • They can help you to manage your heating more efficiently and potentially help you save money on your energy bills. For example, if you are going to be home late one evening, you can remotely change your settings to prevent the heating from turning on until you arrive home.
  • They allow you to adjust your heating very easily, helping to make your home more comfortable very quickly. Be aware, if you use the control to turn the heating on more frequently, or to a higher temperature than it usually would be, you could find you use more energy, and your bills go up.
  • The additional information they provide about your energy use can help you to work out the optimum heating for your home, and show you any wasteful heating habits that might be raising your bills.

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